Research through design about design materials and blood donation.

Role of materials in the design process
The design of Blodkikkerten was the result of a research through design process, which took a design problem (in our case increasing the awareness on blood donation) to investigate a research question (how digital and analog materials influence the collaboration in three different parts of a design process).

Through an inspiration process using Pinterest and a collage-technique, two user-workshops and different prototyping-sessions we ended up with an installation to raise attention on blood donation.
The installation is placed in a public space and consists of a tower viewer (stationary binoculars) which provides the user with an augmented reality. Instead of enlarging an object in the distance when looking into it, the tower viewer lets the user see other potential blood donors through indicating a heart over the top their head. Thereby potential life-saving bondings between people are made visible.

Designed in collaboration with Thomas Pedersen, Nanna Marie Juhl Birch, Marie Naja Lauritzen og Kathrine Gade Simoni.