Tumle is a tool to provide shared space to play for fathers on parental leave and their babies. It consists of two physical parts, Legelyset and Legemåtten.
Legelyset is installed in the buggy and indicates through blinking lights if there are any nearby fathers and babies ready to play. Legemåtten is the technological base and can be placed where there are possible meeting points for the fathers and babies. When a father arrives with his baby and Legelyset at such a place, Legemåtten logs them into the system and sends a signal to nearby fathers that there is someone waiting for a playful interaction.
The project is based on human-centered design research and was conducted in a close collaboration with the fathers from the playgroup Fars Legestue in Aarhus.
My contribution to the project: Design process structuring, concept development, sketching, contexutal inquieries, field studies, creation and analysis of probes, mock-up and prototype development, user-tests with prototypes.

Designed in collaboration with Kirstine West Andersen, Hannibal Glaser and Nikolaj Mikkelsen.

For more information read the visit the projects blog: 4Chairs.

Expo Fars Legestue Interactivity Mock-Up Prototype