Voice User Experience

Slowly the next wave of user interfaces make their way into the consumer market. After the classical graphical user interface and touch surfaces have dominated digital products, more and more speech-based interactions are added to devices to revolutionize the way we interact with computers.

As part of my internship at denkwerk in Cologne, Germany, I got hands-on with the design process of a VUI and the corresponding companion app and experienced how new methods and ways of thinking have to be applied to design for voice.

Part of my work with the VUI included the translation and conception of different functions into dialogues and corresponding visual feedback on the companion app, the structuring of the user flow in the first time usage of the product and the testing of the device through the use of Wizard of Oz-method.

Specific work tasks:

The project is currently still under development. An actual link to the project and snapshots of the designprocess will follow when the product is released.